Your Internet of Things device…brought to life. From cocktail napkin to concept to prototype to mass production, we have you covered.

You’re the creator of the next cool connected device for the Internet of Things.
You have a great idea, a cool Kickstarter campaign, and a team. But where do you go next? Are you using the right wireless technology? What chipset or module are you using? Is it the best one for your product? What about software? What about doing Q/A? What about getting it manufactured? What about…everything? That’s what we’re here for. MangoFire knows wireless and how to get your product manufactured and into your customers’ hands.

MangoFire has the expertise you need to get your product into the hands of consumers. If it’s about wireless, quality assurance every step of the way, and high volume manufacturing, we know it and are ready to help you.

Technology Consulting

A successful IoT product launch starts with using the right technology in your cool new device. But it’s more than just that. How do you combine it with the battery? The antenna? Other components? Let us help you add MangoFire to your new innovation.

Q/A & Verification Services

You got your prototype built for your next round of funding…but how do you know if it will actually work once you’re ready for production? MangoFire your designs in prototyping and device verification to ensure your product can be manufactured in work in your customers’ hands the way you designed it.

Manufacturing Consulting

How do you get your cool product built? MangoFire has relationships with all of the key contract manufacturers in East Asia. We know who is best for the product you’re building and what the CMs expect. MangoFire your product to make sure it can be built and built the way you designed it

MangoFire knows wireless, knows device manufacturing, and knows Q/A. There’s a long distance from having a cool idea to delivering a product into a customer’s hands. Our experts will help you get your product off the drawing board and into high volume manufacturing.


Benny Madsen, MSEE, PhD


Following completion of doctoral work at the University of Aalborg (Denmark), Benny quickly established himself as an innovator in wireless system design and has spent his entire career in the wireless industry. From a principal development role in the first GSM mobile phone, through senior leadership at National Semiconductor, Benny has consistently innovated at the cutting-edge of the wireless industry and has 19 design patents to his name. Benny is widely seen not only as a leading engineer but a wireless industry visionary. He co-founded LitePoint in 2000 with a vision to bring the promise and power of wireless technology to the world. Under Benny’s leadership LitePoint has evolved from a single innovative idea to a global leader in wireless testing and he continues to be the driving force behind LitePoint’s culture of innovation. Benny’s vision for MangoFire is to bring the team’s collective experience and expertise to bear for the IoT market and help get these new innovations to market.

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Sesh V

Business Development

Sesh is an experienced RF engineer with expertise in applications development, design, and test. Sesh has donned a variety of roles in both Semiconductor and Product companies such as NXP, Teradyne and LitePoint. At LitePoint, Sesh has worked with some of the world’s most innovative device, module, and chipset companies. Having worked closely with a wide variety of customers in solving their wireless test challenges in addition to his growing passion towards the IoT and connected devices, Sesh is dedicated to bringing his expertise to the next generation of breakthrough wireless product manufacturers.

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Brad Poston


Brad has worked in Silicon Valley for over 15 years, specializing in brand building, demand generation and marketing operations. Brad has managed consumer and business to business marketing for some of the leading brands in Silicon Valley including Apple, Autodesk and Hyperion. Brad joined LitePoint in 2010 and is responsible for all marketing communications included branding, messaging, public relations, video production, and web properties. Brad’s role at MangoFire is to help clients develop the value propositions and messaging that will attract investors and connect to consumers. Brad has a BA Journalism from The Ohio State University.

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